Beyonce lived up to her nickname - Queen B - when she put her assistant in her rightful place on Tuesday, October 20 while attending the Tidal music concert in Brooklyn.

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Apparently, Beyonce's assistant became a nuisance on the red carpet when she repeatedly tried to adjust her low-cut dress while she stood regally on the red carpet.

Without dropping her megawatt smile for even an instant, Beyonce coolly commanded she stop, and get out of her shot.

The power of Beyonce was clear, as the woman instantly fled to stand at a more appropriate distance. She could then be seen watching as an unruffled Beyonce showed just what a professional she is, posing for the photographers as they shouted 'Queen'.

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It was clear just why the assistant had panicked - Beyonce's dress left little room for error. Cut incredibly low, it just skimmed her curves, daringly risking a major wardrobe malfunction.

We think the poor assistant was just trying to avoid Beyonce' boobs from falling off her dress. But the Queen Bey thought she was only disturbing her picture-taking session.