Former Big Brother Africa: The Chase contestant Beverly Osu has released another nude picture from her book 'Beverly Book of Pose'.

In the new picture Beverly Osu is sitting sideways on a stool and has one hand covering her breast.

Beverly Osu's book is described as 'the polar opposite of selfie culture, where you're only giving one angle of yourselves to the public.'

Beverly Osu has previously released a bunch of risqué photos from her book.

The former video vixen will appear in the movie 'Mrs and Mrs Johnson'. The movie is  an urban drama with slight comic hues, which journeys through the rude awakening that shakes the world of two women both named Mrs. Johnson, under a very unusual circumstance.

The film stars  Kiki Omeili, Kunle Oluwaremi, Lord Frank, Tunbosun Aiyedehin , Layole Oyatogun and Mariam Lecky.

You can watch the trailer below;