During an interview with

Sean Tizzle would later react to Basketmouths statement on September 19, 2016, via Twitter.

Almost a year after both celebrities have made up. Sean Tizzle sent a birthday shout out to Basketmouth today, September 14, 2016, on Instagram and Twitter.

"Birthday shoutout goes out to my brah @basketmouth ... God bless your New age champ" he wrote on Instagram.

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Also, according to reports, a prominent industry insider brought both parties to ensure the hatchet was buried.

Pulse reached out to Sean Tizzle's management and it was confirmed that the singer is now on good terms with Basketmouth. The management also claims that Basketmouth and Sean Tizzle are about to go on a tour of America and Canada.

Pulse also reached out to Basketmouth, but the comedian wasn't available for comment.

On his Instagram page today, Basketmouth hinted that he has just signed an endorsement deal with a top brand.