Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basketmouth is not playing around.

Yesterday (September 29), the comedian shared a picture of an invoice. The invoice contained the sum of money he had to pay for the hall in Eko Hotel & Suites- the venue for his next show.

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The amount of the money was 14 million Naira. In the caption of the picture, Basketmouth blasted people who are in the habit of asking him for free tickets to his shows and not taking into fact the amount of money it takes to put a show together.

“And that's the upfront I'm paying for the venue,food and drinks for the VVIP guest.....yet people will be calling to request for free tickets like the show doesn't cost money to put together. God de sha....all those awoof people,make una no let me naked swear for una oh” he wrote in the caption of the picture.

Basketmouth is known for saying it as it is. Last week he openly talked about why he doesn’t work with pop act Sean Tizzle.

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According to the stand-up comedian he helped Sean Tizzle snag three shows, and when he called on him to perform at his own show the pop act allegedly gave him a ridiculous price.

"I called on Sean Tizzle and he was charging me a certain amount of money, I didn’t know if it was him or his management that charged me, but I don’t care, I had to tell my team to blacklist his name on any of my shows" revealed Basketmouth during an interview on Hip TV.

Get more juice about Basketmouth in Pulse TV video below.