Popular comedian,

The funnyman shared a photo of Agwu with the caption, "Happy birthday@juliusagwu1. Live healthy, live long, live happy, live wise, live wealthy and live favored. Enjoy your day bro."

This leaves us wondering if their feud has ended.

Recall, that in November, Julius Agwu granted a TVC interview where he called out Basketmouth for abandoning him when he fell ill and also for not giving him credit for playing a part in his rise to fame.

“Basketmouth – na me give am his first opportunity to climb stage for Lagos,” Julius Agwu said during the interview, and then added that when he faced challenges, Basketmouth couldn’t come to his aid. “Na devil na im tie their mouth,” Agwu added.

Julius Agwu who had a surgery last year to remove lumps in his brain didn't hold back as he mentioned names of people who let him down when his career was in a lull.

But it seems, he and Basketmouth are now back to being jolly  good friends!

Watch Julius Agwu call out entertainers in the video below.