It has indeed has been an interesting past few days as people around the world and celebs have thrilled us with their #10YearsChallenge photos but one that has caught everyone's attention is that of AY.

The comedian took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, where he posted his photos varying from his pre-wedding photos, first comedy skit to his former place of residence and his first comedy show from ten years ago to his present status...and all we can say is growth!!!

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Keep on keeping on and never give up. #10yearschallenge #9yearsintheuniverty #bartender #busconductor #scavenger #laudryman #barber #etc #productofgrace💯," he captioned the photos.

If you ever wondered what patience is all about then AY's #10YearsChallenge is a typical example of how to remain steadfast and consistent. Thumbs up AY!

AY Makun and wife

This cannot be said for some other celebrities who took part in the #10YearsChallenge like Daddy Freeze who recently revealed how he was in a horrible marriage coupled with the fact he was going through depression 10 years ago.

"10 years ago I was in a horrible marriage, I was going through depression, my colleagues at work hated my guts"- Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze

While other celebrities are busy reminiscing about their last 10 years by sharing photos from the past, with the trending #10YearsChallenge, Daddy Freeze wants everyone to know about his not so cool last 10 years.

The On-Air personality talked about how he was in a bad marriage ten years ago, coupled with the fact that he went through depression and his colleagues hating his guts. He shared this and more on his Instagram page on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.


"This #10yearschallenge really got me thinking.....10 years ago I was doing quite well financially, substantially better than I am now. I could walk into a shop and spend money on a Rolex, mille or a Cartier watch without thinking twice...I was also doing a lot in the Pentecostal church I was attending then...But the ‘doing well’ ended there. I was in a horrible marriage, I was going through depression and my colleagues at work hated my guts, in short, there was a hole in my soul," he wrote.

Daddy Freeze is on a religious campaign

Daddy Freeze has been in the news for different reasons over the last couple of years. From his failed marriage to his consistent calling out of pastors in recent times, he has become a regular face on the front pages of blogs and tabloids.