Who knew that popular comedian, AY Makun, used to be a footballer.

"I used to play for a club side known as DFCFC. I once represented the state in the youth football side. If you watch me play you can testify," he said.

AY in a recent interview ran through his major achievements, which he believes were a big hit due to the grace of God.

AY said, “I am just a product of God’s grace. When I shot ‘30 days in Atlanta,’ I just set out to go there and have fun but a lot of people are attributing it to something else.

“They are saying maybe I did juju. I’ve heard all sorts and I’m beginning to suspect myself in the sense that anything I do always comes out well.

“My stand-up comedy show is one of the biggest in the country. Same with my TV show. I’m just a product of grace.

“That is what I tell people. Not because I am the best, not because I know how to do it better. I just have this shining light and I keep praying that the grace remains."

AY went on to encourage upcoming acts to be determined assuring them that determination always pays off.