Popular comedian, AY Makun has a question for fans concerning giving and receiving.

The jester took to Instagram today, July 29, 2016 asking, "

"Even when you follow the above quote by @Chrisrock and sets a limit, how do you also handle families and friends who blackmail you into believing its their right for you to give that which you have kept in your reserve to take care of your own problems?

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Some of these people work with information believing that you do well enough to attend to all of their needs, and when you cannot go to your little reserve to prevent you from becoming a giver to a taker, you suddenly become a bad person. They either call you out or label you "Akagum"."

According to him, "Sometimes when you still manage to squeeze out something to give without completely being happy about it, you also fall short of the good book which says "give generously to the poor, not grudgingly, for the LORD your God will bless you in everything you do". We all know that God loves a cheerful giver, and we also want to be blessed for doing that. Sovthose of us in need should also know that an individual can never solve the problems that even a Federal government cannot take of from generation to generation."

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Back in April, Makun accused his haters of inferiority complex, and also went on a rant about friends who betray trust by leaking family secrets.