When the middle-aged man the Nollywood actress has identified as Mr White, started trending on social media for looking really neat while hawking doughnuts on the streets of Akwa Ibom, many did not think much of it.

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That was until Annie realised he was one of her student's from cake and pastries class during the aicarefoundation training in Akwa -Ibom.

Moved to tears by his determination, especially with her help, Annie shared a picture collage of herself and Mr white at the training, writing alongside:

"Oh lord... I woke and saw this man everywhere online....and I remember walking into the "cake and pastries" class in akwa Ibom ,during d @aicarefoundation training in Akwa -Ibom and quickly noticed him. He was quite older than the rest of the students, but so focus n was always sitting in front of the class or by stove helping the facilitator to mix n fry,I constantly had goosebumps cos of his humility to learn in the mist of people he was way older than,while everyone were screaming "Annie selfie selfie,I went to him n ask,pls can I take a selfie with you,he just smiled very shyly n kept saying in my ears "thank you,thank for everything".

"I didn't understand then..BUT AM SO PROUD to say that I know Mr White and he learnt how to make donuts,egg rolls,cake and other pastries from the AiCare foundation Empowerment training ... I know I cry a lot ,yea.. I was shaking n crying when I saw him every where . God bless Mr white . Thank you, lord, for using me as just a vessel . Please, Father keep using me till I go..,This is one of my "proudest" moment.

"Long live @aicarefoundation . Welcome to the world of the unheard .. please keep using me lord. #empowermentinitiative #gratefulheart❤️ #happymoments❤  WHO ELSE MET MR WHITE☺during the Training in akwa ibom? Please let's all come together and help Mr White... plssss."

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As the name indicates, Annie's latest non-profit making venture which she launched in October, is geared towards women and youth empowerment.