Anita Joseph will definitely be giving fans, lovers and even critics the time of their lives today with this new video of her naked in a bathtub with a mystery man.

The voluptuous actress took to her Instagram page on Thursday, January 17, 2019, where she shared a video which has now gone viral. She then went on to caption the video with a message for her haters.

"2019 their fada. Am doing me this year kpichicom. If ur not kool with it go fuck ya Sef," she wrote.

We all know Anita Joseph is one the sexiest celebrities we have in town who is never shy to show off some skin. Her Instagram page is filled with photos you only see on those magazines teenagers read in the dark.

Anita Joseph

And trust us when we say Anita Joseph knows she's got the looks and sometimes even brags about it.

"Am not only a snack...Am a full bakery"- Anita Joseph says

Anita Joseph

Nobody is going to make you feel better about yourself other than you and that is exactly what Anita Joseph is saying as reveals that she isn't only a snack but a full bakery.

The sexy and voluptuous actress made this known via her Instagram page on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, where she shared a very hot photo and captioned it with the quote.

Anita Joseph is undoubtedly one of the sexiest celebrities in Nigeria[Instagram/AnitaJoseph]

"Am not only a snack Am a full bakery  Take care of Me and I will feed you 4eva  ." One thing is for sure, Anita Joseph is sending positive vibes out there and we love it when celebrities take out time praise themselves.