Anderson Cooper mistakenly dropped a naked picture on his Twitter feed on Thursday, April 21 and the good news is, he wasnt the one in the photo.

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The awkward post was made just minutes after he announced he will be joined on his show - Anderson Cooper 360' by icons, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and Spike Lee.

The post which bore no message with it showed a male nude painting. But the image appeared to be a screengrab from the Sotherby's auction house and was titled "19th Century European Art."

The full-frontal image was deleted minutes later and Anderson then tweeted an explanation for the act.

The news anchor held a special two-hour broadcast in honor of Prince, who died earlier Thursday, April 21 from a suspected flu.

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That was Cooper’s only other tweet on Thursday, with previous postings this week referencing the new book he wrote with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, called "The Rainbow Comes And Goes". Apparently nude photos come and go, too.