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Model revealed that her fans would be shocked by just how normal she really is with everyday routines like the next person.

Although many find it hard to believe that the originator of Slut Walk does not have casual sex, they were mostly relieved to discover that she engaged in the not so random self pleasure.

"I feel like I’m just such a nerd in the bedroom.’people are shocked ‘even when I say I don’t have casual sex. People really think that I have orgies all day and I do, like, these crazy sex acts - I’m really just a normal girl,’I masturbate all the time. I masturbate at least once a day."

She adds with a smile: "That’s why my skin looks so flawless."

Amber also disclosed that most men she came in contact with were scared of her.

"Men are so scared of me. I literally will go out on a date, and a guy's like this,’ she said, holding up a trembling hand.They're f**king scared of me — they're terrified of me.

"You know what guys say to me? "What can I do for you that you can't do for yourself?” And I'm like, “If you go to the store and get a $1.50 card and write something nice in it, I would."

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The model only recently bagged the show produced by Dr. Phil and so far, has been a hit with her wide range of fans.