"No man should hold down a woman" says legendary comedian

The comedian who just turned 50 years old recently has advised married men not to despise their wives if they are more successful than them.

In his usual manner, legendary stand-up comedian Ali Baba has given a new advice on relationships.

On Instagram today, Ali Baba gave a real life example of woman who is more financially successful than her husband. The imbalance is finances is now causing major cracks in their marriage.

Friends of the woman have advised her to dump her husband and pursue her career.

Ali Baba gave his two cents on the matter. You can read his thoughts below;

"Just got off the phone with a friend of mine & she just wanted me to help her talk to her sister's husband of 16 years who happens to be my guy too. Her sister, a thriving lawyer who left banking to go into Real Estate business. The husband, was let go by the bank he worked at, when It was acquired in 2008. And since then, he has been trying this and trying that. The problem now is that, Mrs Wife has more on her plate & Oga is not taking this lightly. Fights today. Quarrel tomorrow. Packed faces next day... My friend said her sister, in 2011, stumbled on some opportunities to buy & develop properties in the Dubai. But Hubby refused when he heard how often she would need to be traveling. And because she didn't want his Wahala, she let the deal go. The guy who got the deal has done so well with the deal that it's now affecting the relationship of her sister & her husband.

The fear, now is that, nearly everyone has advised her to drop her husband. He is killing your growth. He has nothing to offer. He is a liability. Good riddance. He is jealous. Why are you letting him do this to you? You deserve better. If it were him you will be history... Much as I agree that, no man should hold down a woman whose career path is now paved in gold, I must quickly add that, the orientation of the man & the person he has become are being shaken to the ground as we speak. It can't be easy. Especially if the man is someone who grew up being loaded with the idea that a woman cant be better than him. Add to that, unexpected circumstances that derailed his plans. These are the issues that the modern day man is confronted with, in the face of realities of gender equality & unisex opportunities available for who the cap fits, in an economic environment that has seen potentials killed by political mismanagement, poor planning & collateral damage on businesses & family units. It can't be easy for anyman. It's not also easy for any woman who, by circumstances beyond her, becomes breadwinner or co-breadwinner. It can be easy. I must also add that some ladies who say drop Mr husband, don't know where the shoe pinches. Finally, if he doesn't raise his hands on you, work it out. Don't walk out!."


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