In an interview with City People, veteran ace comedian Ali Baba spoke about his wife, and revealing her qualities.

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“She has tried ooo. I give her the credit” said Ali Baba about how he has been able to keep his marriage waxing strong. “Many don’t know Mary is also funny as I am. My wife is actually the one that cracks jokes at home. I don’t. I only crack jokes on stage. She is funny. Many forget that my wife has a Theatre background. She read Theatre Arts from UNIBEN. But she has gone on to get Masters in Finance.”

Speaking about how his marriage is balanced he said “I think my wife knows me very well. I know my wife a bit. My wife is a straight forward person. In my own case, I am a Warri Boy. So, my wife tries to understand me. I know my wife, but my wife tries to understand me.”

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“She is very quiet, humorous, business-like, very thorough. Me I like to fly. She is a consummate banker, and so she thinks deeper about figures and speculations. I maybe on a wild goose chase and all she just wants is to get the concrete terms. We have been doing okay. We have managed well” he further said.

Ali Baba’s wife bought him an S-Class when he turned 50 this year.

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