South African rapper

He started off rapping in 2002 and was part of the South African rap group

AKA went solo after the group disbanded. Today he is one the famous rappers in Africa and a bona fide celebrity. Looking into his career this is a breakdown of why AKA is such a super celebrity.

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Like every great celebrity before him AKA knows how to court controversy for his own benefit. His beef with fellow South African rapperCassper Nyovest has kept his name burning in the press. The drama has done him a bit of good as it has positioned him as one of the relevant Hip Hop figures in South African rap music.

The biggest controversy for AKA has to be sizzling romance with the Queen of South African media Bonang Matheba. If you believe the rumours AKA started his relationship with Bonang when he was with DJ Zinhle who was carrying his child.

When DJ Zinhle made the accusation the story turned out to be a big deal for AKA and Bonang Matheba who caught a bit of flak. After the scandal died down AKA and Matheba are back.

Apart from courting controversy, AKA finds himself in relationships with very hot women. The two women who he has been associated with, DJ Zinhle and Bonang Matheba are among the hottest women in South Africa. AKA happens to be a dashing young entertainer who has an eye and fondness for pretty women. Add all these to his bad boy image and you have a rapper that women admire.

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AKA can be classified as a Byronic hero of sorts. He is mad, bad and egotistical. He is infamous for his ego and cocky attitude. This is a man who has walked out an interview when he didn’t like the questions thrown at him. AKA is proud and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He has that bad boy vibe about him that drives women crazy and makes men want to emulate him.

The last strain in AKA’s DNA is his talent. AKA is talented. He is a fantastic rapper who is at the forefront of the new wave of South African rap music. You might not like him and his cocky attitude but there is a strong chance that you would like at least one of his songs.

All these make up AKA and they are the reasons why he is a super celebrity in African rap music.