Popular singer, 2Face Idibia in a recent interview opens up on his happiest and saddest moments during the span of his career.

Speaking to Sun over the weekend, he said, "My saddest moment was when they were writing things about me some years ago while I was celebrating the kids coming. Some people were using it against me, and saying some hurtful things to put me down. Another sad moment was when I lost my dad. All of a sudden I realised that this man who used to carry us on his shoulders and take us out for shopping and all that was going to die. Although, I tried all I could but I couldn’t help him, and he died. I cried like a baby."

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Talking about his happiest moments, "There are so many first moments I could describe as my happiest. For me, it has been a string of firsts, and I am glad that I am a pioneer. Officially, I was the first artiste to be endorsed by a very big company and that was a very happy moment for me. I was the first to be declared by a big record label as the first artiste to sell above a million copies. I was the first to be on the popular Billboard charts.

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"I was also the first Nigerian artiste to have his music played on MTV Base Africa. In fact, the list is endless; and my kids are huge sources of inspiration for me, even though, when they were coming and I was rejoicing that I was going to be a dad, some people were complaining; thanks to their mums and my wife."

Speaking about his regrets, "I am not somebody that likes to regret. I feel that whatever that happens has happened. The only thing I think of is how to blend and turn things positively. I don’t just sit down; fold my hands and start regretting. Instead, I re-adjust and move on."

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2Face, a member of the defunct Plantashun Boiz, kick-started the Afro hip hop revolution of the late 1990s.