Studio 53's Eku Edewor does not like to read blogs. Reason? She really isn't interested in knowing whether or not a commenter approves of her last red carpet outfit.

"I try to avoid reading blogs because I don't want to care about what people think" she said in an exclusive chat with Pulse.

Eku shared this when she asked if she thought Nigerian commenters were unduly harsh with celebrities. She stated that they could indeed be which is why she avoided blogs like a plague and also didn't pay much attention to comments on social media platforms like Instagram.

She also revealed that she's a very private person who doesn't like to go out much.

"I'm not into shallow fame. I'd rather be good at my job and be a good business woman. That's what's important to me. I'm also very private and don't like to go out alot. I wear my natural hair, so if I'm going to go anywhere and take the trouble to wear make-up and waste a good outfit, it better be worth it" she concluded with a laugh.