X3M Music rapper Dusten Truce and fellow rapper Jamal Swiss talk to Pulse Nigeria on their music journey.

Narrating the incident that brought he and Swiss together, the rappers said they met by fate at an event through an artist named 3rty introduced Swiss to Truce, and both of them just ‘vibed’ on the same frequency.

They discuss their Young Kulture movement as a music tour to promote their separate E.Ps, citing examples of international tours such as rapper J. Cole’s ‘ A dollar and a dream’ tour as their inspiration.

They talk about expanding beyond Lagos depending on feedback got from the subsequent tours in Lagos.

On the reason for this Young Kulture initiative, Truce believes such developments are necessary for an artist to grow, to own his identity and brand and not just be regarded as a label artist.

Speaking on muses and influences, Jamal Swiss models himself after Chance The Rapper because of the ‘Church boy’ picture he paints in his music, which he can relate to as he also comes from that ‘Church boy’ place.

Truce says as far he and the likes of Swiss are not part of the industry, describing his type as 'Outdustry' artists. “We are  not part of the industry because we have bridged the gap, people like us we have direct contact with our audience so we cater to them so we don’t need to go through radio, TV” adding that the sounds are becoming more sincere, so more Nigerians can now connect.

Dusten calls out radio stations in Nigeria for looking down on young artists and not looking at the bigger picture.

Swiss also shares Truce’s sentiments adding that show organisers and promoters keep rotating the same crop of artists, and this is what Young Kulture hopes to change.

The pros of an artist under a management deal over being under the contractual binding of a record label was highlighted by Jamal Swiss, pointing out flexibility as a major advantage of a management deal.

“A management deal is more flexible, you might not get the numbers the first time but there’s room to learn from it  and get it right the next time because you learn, everything in life is a learning process.‘’ Swiss explains. Also on the part of funding there is flexibility he goes on to say – there is partial funding, self-funding, and sponsorships from external parties, the rapper advocates.

Swiss takes his perspective from Chance The Rapper quoting the grammy-award winning rapper as saying ‘’When signed to a record label, you have a boss, when you have a management deal, you have a partner.”

He adds that under a management deal,  both management and artist bring ideas to the table to ensure the artist’s career blossoms, and consequently  money is made for management and artist, everything balances out.

Narrating the feedback of the first two episodes, the rappers made it clear that the numbers in attendance were decent but could be better, and that the audience really had a nice outing, not wanting to leave as at the final performance of the shows.

On what to expect at the Young Kulture third instalment coming up on Saturday March 25, 2017 at the R cafe, 29, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, which features guest artists - Hip Hop act Peter Clarke and singer-producer Odunsi, Jamal and Truce say it’s going to be intimate and explosive with surprises planned out.

Wrapping up the conversation, Jamal reveals he will be releasing his “Based On True Moments”  EP on April 1, 2017, while Truce says he has a collaboration mixtape coming through with Bally, one of the Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates whom happens to be an artist.