DJ Spinall is a great guy. Great career so far. Great style of play, great music videos, and everything else.

Except for one thing. His views about a very popular topic which aren’t great at all.

Spinall just returned to Nigeria after his exploits on tour and the One Africa Music Fest in the UK. The DJ played a set and featured extensively at the concert which was unanimously maligned for its time management issues, and the shoddy ending to the show which held at the SSE Arena, Wembley, UK.

But it turns out, the DJ has a different opinion, and which he refuses to share. But he finds it necessary to attack media houses, who covered the show.

In a series of tweets, Spinall accuses media houses of distorting events which was streamed live on TIDAL for the entire world to see. See them below.

Pulse reached out to DJ Spinall via email to get his ‘true’ version of events, but the DJ declined to clarify his stance.

So here’s why DJ Spinall is wrong.

1: It’s so sad how press folks do a write up about an event they never attended.

Everyone who talked authoritatively about the One Africa Music Fest talks from a position of knowledge. The show organized by Upfront & Personal Global Management Consultants had partnered with Jay Z’s TIDAL, to stream the concert live from 7pm. The live link was made available from the start, and it wasn’t until past did the show kick off.

The main reason why the organizers streamed the show live was because of the interest of Nigerians who didn’t want to attend the show, but would love to watch. They watched it live, including DJ Spinall’s interesting introduction of Tekno, who had a very poor performance.

Not everyone needed to be there to witness what went down Spinall. The organisers, who contracted you for the show already made it possible for anyone, anywhere on earth to access the show. Sorry.

2. Don’t lie to people to get traffic on your websites. If you don’t have the facts, at least be quiet.

Dear DJ Spinall, what part of all the reports were false?

Did the show fail to start early? Were the major performances rushed? Did Banky W announce that the venue management had given them an extra 20 minutes? Did he request for people to help beg the organisers? Did the show get cut off before Jidenna could perform? Did Jidenna fail to perform? How did the concert end? AY Makun and Ramsey came on stage, no? Spyro was the first act on the night, right?

What part of the reports and reviews DJ Spinall considered to be a lie isn’t clear? Because, frankly, he chose to clarify his point of view and give us all his true version of events.

We understand that DJ Spinall must have some truths which the live camera failed to document. He was an integral part of the setup, with backstage access and more. But his refusal to share those truths to the world does the brand and his case harder to believe.

Here’s to hoping that one day, he writes a tell-all version of events and finally destroys the credibility of all media houses with the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

So help him God.