But for the appearance of a man of God, Pastor Darlington Ajitemsan, s senior police officer, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP, would have been dead by now as an angry mob was all set to lynch hin to death after he was caught raping a nine-year-old girl at Gowon Estate, Egbeda area of Lagos.

Pastor Ajitemsan who is the General Overseer of Open Channel Bible Church located in the estate, narrated how his intervention stopped the randy police officer from being beaten to death after he was nabbed red handed having carnal knowledge of the minor who is the daughter of a fellow police officer at about 9pm in an open field in the estate.

"It happened right here in Gowon Estate, not too far from my church. I was outside, when a commercial motorcyclist, riding through the football field, suddenly noticed a movement.

It was the light from the motorcycle that also made me to know that two people where on the open field. The girl was under the big guy. I did not know it was a little girl. The motorcycle rider was already calling me.

I quickly moved to the spot. I saw the big guy on top of the girl. She looked like an eight-year-old girl.

He had already penetrated her because I saw his penis inside her. It was that sight that shocked me."

That was when the motorcyclist raised an alarm which drew a crowd and they descended on the police officer with the intention of killing him but the pastor pleaded with the crowd to spare the randy man's life.

An angry man in the crowd picked a plank and slammed it across the ASP’s face, shouting he should get off the girl. The crowd started asking for tyre and petrol. The ASP turned to me, begging me to implore the crowd not to kill him.

I begged the youth to allow him to be because they wanted to smash his head and burn him, especially since he is a policeman."