The 22-year-old university dropout, Oluwaropo Tifase, who stabbed his 75-year-old father, Moses, to death at the Jakande Estate, Mile 2 area of Lagos State, late last year, attempted suicide while in police custody by castrating himself.

The young man who was rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital for treatment, was said to have removed his testicles using a broken tile he found in the toilet of the cell.

Tifase who was arrested for allegedly stabbing his father to death with a scissors, reportedly said that he was frustrated with life and while in solitary confinement, an evil spirit entered him and instructed him to castrate himself.

Hear him:

'I got frustrated with my life while in the cell because I was alone and was abandoned there. I didn’t see outside of the cell for a long time.

A spirit entered into me and said I should do it. So I castrated myself. I removed the two testicles myself.'

Recall that Tifase, an only son, created a buzz in Lagos when he was arrested for killing his father after an argument. Then, it was also reported that he was a rusticated cultist from a university in his final year.

But he has been maintaining that he was neither a cultist nor did he kill his father.

'I am not a cultist and I didn’t kill my dad. It is my mother that keeps telling people that I am a cultist.

I studied industrial design in school, but I didn’t like the course, so I voluntarily dropped out of school because I discovered my love ─ computer.

I love programming, so, I decided to leave school on my own and pursue my love.'