It’s really easy to hate Davido.

The reasons are endless. He is a successful musician, who is Africa’s superstar, comes from money, makes a lot of money, impregnates some of the most beautiful women around the world, has the cutest kids from those women, hangs with the richest men in the world, flies private jets, clubs incessantly, has millions of fans, and covers the biggest magazines.

Every damn reason to hate him feels valid and justified. But no matter what, you can’t fail to admit that away from the music, and all the boisterous energy that he exhibits on Snapchat, Davido does have a heart of gold. He cares about more than himself.

Being a fan in Nigeria isn’t a stressful task. It requires very minimal effort from you. The music comes to you via social media, DJs, bars, TV and just about every place else. You don’t have to stress yourself for a thing.

You are not even expected to commit your money to anything, except pay for tickets for live concerts, or do the barest minimum to snag an album.

But with Davido, you simply have to do a little bit more extra and your fandom experience takes you to another level. This is a man who has stepped in countless times to reward fans of his music. From social media gifts to cash, Davido spreads his love via the internet. As long as you interact with his music, you are his number one fan.

The song ‘If’, which has been responsible for giving Davido a new lease of life when he needed it the most, has been distributed mainly by fans, and peer to peer distribution. A huge part of this is social media recordings of mini-performances and fan covers. Davido appreciates this, and he displays it in various ways.

The latest episode is with a little boy named Utibe. The 5-year old who was out of school due to poverty, went viral for doing what every normal fan does: sing along to their idols songs.

A recorded clip of his hilarious and cute performance made its way online, with every media platform joining in the action to promote the clip. Davido, impressed by the boys exploits, reached out and offered him a scholarship for life.

The young man is now a ward of his favorite superstar Davido, who is bankrolling him through school. The singer posted little Utibe’s photo in his new school uniform, with the caption: "OBO GOT YOU FOR LIFE KID!!! NOTHING MAKES ME MORE THAT U FINALLY GET TO START SCHOOL!! 30 billion for ur account oooo!!!! WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!!"

The possibility of this happening for fans of any other artist is limited. But with Davido, it is one of those ways in which he display appreciation for all the positive emotional energy that is given to him by the public.

This is one of those rare moments when being a fan actively pushes your life in the right direction. For young Utibe, his obsession with the music has rewarded him greatly. And irrespective of how long Davido shoulders his schooling, as long as he has done it once, it is enough for a lifetime.

So why do we have to hate Davido again? Millions of reasons come back at you. But for his little act in Utibe’s life, he deserves all of the love.