Dating A Married Man? 5 golden rules you should never forget

01/18/2017 | ece-auto-gen | timilehin oyedare

We all know its bad, and you cannot do it forever but before you quit, here is how to make it rewarding for you.

The world has changed, actually it hasn’t. Married people have always had side chicks, not all of them, but some of them. In the past, they’ve always been a thing to hide from others. These days’ people don’t even care anymore especially since marriages are collapsing every day, celebrity and non-celebrities alike.

Before I go further, I know some people are eager to wonder why this post is trying to help single ladies adapt to their philandering married boyfriends. I don’t know why I’m helping them, you’re going to have to find that out on your own.

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I know sleeping with a married man is a sin, and trust Nigerians to be judgmental about this kind of thing. Like their own sin of lying and stealing trumps another person sleeping with a married man. In case you didn’t get the memo, a sin is a sin, doesn’t matter what yours is. So, see you in hell!

Anyway, George Carlin once said, if you’re looking for a place to go between heaven and hell. Go to hell, that’s where all your friends will be, and isn’t life more interesting with friends.

Let’s continue. During my short stay and relations with married men who have girlfriends, I realize most of their issues with them are the same regardless of how they look, most of them hovering around immaturity and not accepting their roles with their chest.

1. You’re not his wife, don’t act like her

He married his wife not you, forget the sweet words he keeps telling you, he might promise to leave her and marry you, chances are he’ll really do it and maybe not.

It’s for everything to keep going on smoothly, and to keep that great sex going. You’re not his wife, don’t behave like one. You’re a distraction, a pleasant distraction. Learn to stay in your lane, don’t nag him, and learn to play your distraction role else you’ll be out before you know it, and you know all the benefits you get from it are highly needed by you because of your wide mouth.

2. You’re not allowed to be jealous and show it

Yes! If you’re jealous, keep it in your mind. You’re stealing something and you’re unhappy that someone else is stealing it too. You cannot have that much guts. If you cannot stop yourself from being jealous, hide it. In case you’re out and you see him greeting another lady warmly, go and take your seat, don’t stand there giving him the eye, remember, you’re a distraction.

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Moreover, the other lady might just be a friend or your predecessor. Or did you think you’re the first side chic? That might the lady you deposed, so be nice, courteous and grand. Learn to be magnanimous in victory or you’ll go the same way she has gone or who knows, she might be your rival, actively his girlfriend too. Be cool about it! Try

3. Mind your calls

It is always best to know when and how to call if you have to call at all, else just send him a message, don’t start calling him like he’s your boyfriend, that will get you blocked and discarded easily.

Even if you’ve fallen in love, learn to control yourself, take it easy with calls. Let it ring between three to four times then cut the call, he will call you back.

You might be wrecking his marriage with your stupid actions of love. From experience, you’ll probably enjoy him more because he belongs to someone else, by the time he becomes yours alone, then you’ll see the mountain of bullshit the wife has had to deal with while you enjoy him sparingly and you don’t want it, do you?

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4. Have regard for his mood

Because you guys have become steady shag buddies, you feel you’re entitled to talk to him regardless of his mood, that’s the wrong thinking, babe.

Just like everyone else, sometimes he just isn’t in the mood for your shit. Your maturity to be able to ascertain when he’s in the mood for several things matters. If he’s down, don’t go and start making trouble because you want to form cute, that won’t work at all. Just like how ladies feel it’s cute to pick food off their husband/boyfriend’s plate, at least speaking for myself that is utterly disgusting.

If you’re feeling hungry, let’s order for you, don’t devour my own under the caprice of just tasting it and finding out its delicious, its ground for a fight. Work with his mood, try to be understanding. You’ll be rewarded for it.

5. Be cute with your request

You’re not his primary responsibility, his family is, your feelings will have to take the back seat. Don’t get cocky with requests. Be matured about it, make sure you’re in his good books, don’t just go “Babe, I need N200,000”. You have to be smooth about it, plan it, make it after some good sex or you’ve delivered your one in a million blowjob.

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Just don’t make the request come of the blues, make all sorts of nice gestures to him.

Bonus point: If you’re going out with him and you’re not in the mood, please stay at home. Don’t go out and start being grumpy, you’re just leading him into another lady’s arms, and you know there are people out there trying to steal him from right under you. If you’re out with him, grind the shit out of him, drink with him, smoke with him if he does, make him yours! At least for the night.

Dating a married man isn’t one of those things where you carry your mumu small girl attitude into, thinking he’s your boyfriend that you can that you can do anyhow. You need to finesse to carry it out.

If you play your cards well, you can get all what you want out of it, and also be the one that decides when the affair is over instead of getting kicked to the curb because of your childish acts.

Sex is one of your most potent weapons, use it and use it well. Take it to heights he has never being to before. Surprise him, go to his office, buy him food then suck his dick under the table.

Men cheating on their wives are looking for thrills not the normal, so don’t be lazy in bed, not missionary, let him hang your leg, put it on his shoulders, give it to him on the table, on the chair, in the most inconvenient places. Your services will be greatly rewarded, he’s looking for an escape, be the one to give him that.

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Make him feel like a man that he cannot possibly turn down your request. But if you’re acting spoiled, then it’s easy for him to discard you.

I hope I have been able to help your career, also remember you cannot do it forever.

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