Dareysteel fondly called Golongolo Master by his teeming fans, sensationally dropped the “Unbreakable” album in March 2016, while “Man of the Year” was released in May 2016, amidst applause and rave reviews.  The talented entertainer, according to an insider, revealed that both works are special gifts to his teeming fans globally.

Dareysteel’s latest album, “Man of the Year”, consists of two hot tracks, ‘Twerk it’ and ‘Give it to me’ with both songs enjoying massive airplays on the foreign scene while the other album, has songs such as:  ‘Hold on’, ‘Get down on the floor’, ‘Pump it up’, ‘How come’ and= ‘Murder’, which are all rocking and ruling airwaves.

The act’s debut single was released in Madrid, in 2003 on promotional mixapes with so much acclaim and plaudits.

Dareysteel who equally writes, composes and arranges songs began singing at the age of 12, but has been living and doing music in Spain since 1998.

He regularly talks about the negative effects of crime, war, pain and poverty in Africa and the rest of the world in his songs.

The celebrated star equally sees music as a powerful tool that can be used to fight injustice and bring about positive change in the society.

The singer is currently under the management deal of Little Seconds Entertainment, an independent record label based in Spain but with offices in Europe.

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