Today is not so good for making decisions on what you want to do with money.  Be aware of the Moon Alert. Wait until the moon alert in your sign to pass over before you make important decisions and purchases.


Wait till the moon is over before you agree to any proposal for a partnership or collaboration, even if this is suggested to you by friends. Your interests will be best served this way.


On one hand, you want to get better organized and be efficient and productive at work today. But on the other hand, no matter how hard you try, efficiency eludes you. Don’t push yourself too much; it is the influence of two opposing forces working in your sign. Just wing it as much as you can.


It is a wonderful Wednesday, filled with a lot of creativity especially for those whose jobs and favourite activities involve this. However, be careful to not commit to much today. It’s not the ideal time to do so.


In line with most other signs, it is better to wait until the moon alert is over before saying yes to anything. Don’t volunteer, don’t agree to nothing. Not today.


You feel indecisive today. Unsure of whether to go away or just stay where you are. Hold off all major decisions till another day. You don’t want to commit to something you might regret today.


This is definitely a poor day to make important financial decisions or important purchases. Check the restrictions of the Moon Alert and let them be your guide. Until this passes, limit your purchases to gas and food.


It’s a great day for creativity but a poor day for practical decisions. That’s because the moon will be in your sign for much of today


Keep a low profile today because this will suit you best.


Heart-to-heart talk with a friend or acquaintance, especially male, will flourish today. Remember to stay away from making commitments though. It won't make sense to do that until the present moon alert rolls away.


This day will pass by for you in a blur. Just ride things out as best as you can without making any important decision that'll bind you for long.


You long for adventure, freedom and a change of scenery today. If you can travel, you will enjoy yourself thoroughly.