The Moon is in your sign, which makes you more emotive than usual. Yes, you are spirited and raring to go.


You feel restive today. Don’t get pulled into arguments about politics or religion because this will only upset you, mess up your mind and get you accomplishing nothing.


Somehow you will attract unusual people to you today. The eccentric and unconventional. It’s that kinda day.


Be careful talking to parents and bosses today because power struggles might take place- the type you’ll most likely lose.


Avoid contentious subjects like politics, religion and race today because people are waiting to get into an argument. Honestly, you don’t need such negativity.


He who flings dirt only loses ground. Therefore be careful not to engage in any altercations today. You’ll most likely regret every second of it.


Difficulties with partners, close friends and family members are classic today. Nobody needs this, but it’ll happen nonetheless. Crazy stuff.


Do your best to get along with co-workers today to avoid disputes and disagreements. No one needs this.


Squabbles about money or possessions are likely today. No need to shy away from it. Facing some of these issues will need to be settled at some point anyway, so why not today?


For Capricorn, today is a good day to remove yourself from the premises so you can plan and prepare for the year’s full activities in peace.


You feel really attached to a particular thing today that you’re prepared to make a big deal about it.


Battles about money and possessions, and cash flow are classic today.