This is an impeccable day for a long lunch because even though your competence at work will come under scrutiny for reasons beyond your control, you’re still up for some fun!


Do not offer for anything or agree to anything important, particularly if you’re talking to someone in a position of authority. Stay under the radar.


Someone will reveal to you something important. It might be something really big. No matter how moved you are to divulge the information to someone else. Don’t.


Don’t believe everything you hear. There’ll be a lot of untruths flying around to day. Especially about people that really mean something to you.


Aside from that, brace yourself for a vague, hazy day full of little glitches. Hey -- it happens.


Just do your best and cope with what happens. Not a lot will happen, but they won’t be so positive. So be prepared.


The ones among you who are in the creative field will enjoy a surge of creative ideas. Super day.


Be prepared for little delays and pointless errands. It’s that kind of day.


It’s Monday, and you want to start your week with gusto and energy. However, there will be so many hitches you’ll encounter that’ll leave you feeling deflated.


Fill yourself with all the information you need but do not act yet on any. Tomorrow is a better day to do that.


Lots of indecision will be your way of going through the day. This is not necessarily a bad thing for Aquarius. Also note that you’re better relaxing with friends and taking it easy.


Because you are ambitious now, you might try to get something off the ground today. Sadly it’s not the day for that. Hold on till tomorrow… or the days after.