When your work makes you unhappy, gaining satisfaction and fulfilment in your career becomes a serious life problem.

One of the most important things you need in life is to stay happy at work. This is the only way you can get productive and reach your career goals.

So, to achieve this, here are three things you should do to make your job a source of happiness.

1. Be part of something that makes you proud

According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, a Human Resources Management company shows that staff members who are proud of their organizations are three times more likely to be happy at work. This goes to say that being proud of what your organization stands for could be a source of happiness for you at work.

Some people may be proud of their company because it pays them really well. Others may derive their sense of pride in their own outputs or the company's corporate social responsibilities.

However, if you're bragging or seem to be excited about your workplace, you need to identify the reasons you're not enthusiastic about the company. Do you think you're working with a wrong team or you have an issue with your team lead? Find a way to talk this out.

2. Like your co-workers

Like your co-workers
Like your co-workers

You can't expect yourself to be happy at work when you don't like your colleagues. These are the people you see every day and you can't afford not to have a good relationship with them if you want to work happy.

Demonstrating how good relationships among co-workers is ine of the best predictors of happiness, another survey conducted by Gallup, an American website found out that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.

3. Feel accomplished

Having a sense of accomplishment motivates and keeps you happy.
Having a sense of accomplishment motivates and keeps you happy.

Having a sense of fulfilment in what you do can is one the best ways to achieve happiness at work. In fact, if there's anything that has the power to keep you motivated and happy, it is the feeling of accomplishment.

However, you can't feel accomplished when you fail to meet your daily target. You need to always complete your tasks for you to end every day feeling accomplished.