These days, technology is moving at an increasingly fast pace and while it is creating new jobs for some people, many others are losing their jobs due to automation.

The introduction of automatic equipment is already taking over many job roles in manufacturing processes.

And according to the World Economic Forum's 2018 survey on the future of jobs, some job roles would no longer be needed by 2022.

Here are five of the many jobs that might no longer exist in the next two decades.

1. Bank Tellers

Bank Tellers' job according to projections would soon become useless due to the convenience of online banking. Many people have already ignored the idea of going to banks to carry out transactions. Having the bank's app on their phone makes it easy for them to make transactions and manage their account from the comfort of their homes.

2. Telemarketers

The need for human employment in telemarketing would no more be relevant when robots take over the role of sales calls and messages. Telemarketing is, therefore, at the risk of getting computerized and telemarketers would have to look for another job.

3. Data entry clerks

Quit if your job is taking a toll on your health
Quit if your job is taking a toll on your health

In the next few years, people who work as Data Entry Clerks may have to start looking for another job because technology is already streamlining the process of converting hard copy data into digital files.

4. Travel agents

Travel agents help people to book their tickets and trips as well as provide necessary travel information. However, many travel agencies now make all these available on their websites and apps. In the next few years, they might have to get rid of those employees playing these roles.

5. Financial analysts

With the development of financial analysis software, financial analysts would struggle to keep their jobs. This artificially intelligent software can read and recognize trends in data and can also predict future market moves.