Parents of Queens College students in Lagos have expressed a clear dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Health for their silence over the incident.

Just to recap, over 1,200 students reported to the school clinic with symptoms of bacterial infection. This was a result of consuming heavily contaminated water in the school.

16 students were hospitalised, while two died in February. One more student died in the last week of March.

At the time of the death of the first two students, the Ministry of Health set up an investigative panel. Now, the parents are not just asking for justice, they wan the school's financial records audited.

A parent spoke to Punch regarding the death of the 14-year-old third student:

“She was an orphan. At a point, there was nobody to pay her hospital bills and a group of us had to raise money for her treatment. Another parent, whose daughter was also admitted to the hospital at that time, coordinated the fundraising for the girl before she died.

We are angry because despite all these, the Federal Ministry of Education is not investigating anything. We believe corruption is involved.

If investigations start, a lot of questions will be raised about finances. If the former principal is questioned, heads will roll. We believe that was why she was quickly transferred to another school,”

The school’s PTA Chairman Dr. John Ofodike, said:

"We have set up a panel to look into the management of funds by the previous PTA administration. The PTA does not run the college; we are just playing supervisory and advisory roles.

Since my administration came in, we have been using our personal money to support the school. There has been a long time decay of infrastructure in the college. We have been using our personal funds to run the college.

And please, note that the proprietor of the school is the Federal Ministry of Education. Tell the Federal Government to probe the deaths. When the pupils were stooling and had diarrhoea, the PTA medical team played its part and left."