Nigeria is the result of the egocentric influence of colonial masters

This hegemonic power did not put into consideration the feelings of the different tribes making up the created stated. In short, the formation of our country Nigeria is the result of the egocentric influence of colonial masters.


Every end has a beginning and every beginning has an end.

So, if a thing, an idea, an organization or a system goes wrong, we must trace the beginning of the problem to the beginning. For instance, if a phone begins to malfunction, the first step is to trace it to the beginning – the manual – the settings.

Until we correct our foundation, until we go to the right path, until we treat the illness in the heat of our birth, nothing will go well with us as a country.  All will accelerate to gridlock.

Let us go the origin of the entity, Nigeria. What is Nigeria? Who made Nigeria? For whose interest was it made? Except these questions are brought to roundtable and logically solved to a clear mathematical result, our country will still remain dangling.

Nigeria, as named, connotes the geographical settings and the people living along river Niger. The name was officially given to her by Flora Shaw. This name played down on other names of the people and geographical locations of the country.

It must also be noted that the nomenclature was given by an imperial authority who was interested in bringing all parties together simply for the purpose of easy takeover.

This known, it is no way an erroneous sequitur to say that the country is a failed one by fusion since members making up the state gave their consent to the formation.

Here in Nigeria, we have the majority and the minorities. I guess same plays out in most countries in the world. But the minorities accepted the union with all sense of consciousness. They gave their consent.

Unfortunately, the majorities here behave like selfish-gods on the minorities. Even among the majorities, we have those who feel they are born to rule. The facts are there to show.

How many states has the North? How many states has the South? How many states are there in the East? Or how many states has the West? How do we share the revenue?  This is not to incite but to cite facts. Unless, we go back to this no matter what we do, some tribes will continue to lord it over us even though they add less value to the economy.

Again, when we look at the constitution upon which our nation stands, we cannot but feel sick. What of the financial management of the political office holders?

Let’s talk of our electioneering process. What sanity is present in an undiversified economy? These are foundational problems we must first solve if not we will soon collapse as a country.

This is why I will not in any way eulogize the neurological display of political malady among the head of the House, his friends and the head of the executive. It is normal for them to act that way. It would be abnormal for them to act otherwise in this season of political shenanigans.

I feel commenting on them and wasting editorials on them is turning political pygmies monstrous behemoths. They are not to blame, for fools cannot be the cause of our problems if they are, the wise caused it by giving them the opportunities to.

It all began with our faculty when political candidates contested un-opposed. And as I have always said, that election was a complete shame. It marked the beginning of political apathy in this faculty, the same that exists in our country.

We feel so comfortable when our leaders are misbehaving. Have we ever quizzed them? Has the press carried out vox-populi to ascertain what the people feel about the present administration? Until we wake up from our political slumber nothing will change in our nation.

To conclude, we all must begin to ask questions. I mean ask critical question about the formation of our country and association. We must ask why our political rulers receive salaries that will feed a community for a year, and yet we owe civil servants for a year.

We will remain in this quagmire, there shall be no way-out, our nation and association will fall apart, unless we ask questions about our beginning and proffer lasting answers, things will continue this way and in few months to come the centre will no longer hold.


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