Buhari uphold's democracy with silence over NASS leadership tussle

"Having clinched the people's mandates, Buhari thought it grateful to recompense Nigerians for their loyalty. He made a number of pledges among which was the the vivification of our depleted democracy."

Muhammadu Buhari

No creature is more ungrateful than mankind. They seek and gain favour from God and fellow man, only to reciprocate with ingratitude. They make a saint of a devil and the devil of a saint. It is called double dealing - the creed of mankind. This attitude is evident in the grouses that have followed Buhari's indifference to the ongoing drama at the national assembly. Many have failed to see the gold in Buhari's silence.

Enroute to the 2015 general elections, there emerged two figures soliciting the votes of Nigerians to gain the mantle of authority. One was the incumbent Otuoke   son.  And the other was a retired General from Daura who was running for the umpteenth time. Both candidates came with the usual promise - laden bags. Each tried to  outspeak the other to  power.  Nigerians felt neither of the candidates deserved their votes. In the long run, they settled for the arch-angel little damaged. It was General Mohammodu Buhari. Nigerians voted the Daura born General in whom they saw a modicum of intergrity. Buhari cruized his way to Aso rock with the vehicle of change.

To some, Buhari's victory came by divine providence. To others,  it was a success   perfected by resillience and chance. Whichever way it was, the scepter fell in to the hand of the septugenerian at his fourth attempt. And majority gloated over his victory.

Having clinched the people's mandates, Buhari thought it grateful to recompense Nigerians for their loyalty. He made a number of pledges among which was the the vivification of our depleted democracy. He promised to make all organs of government effective but independent.

President Buhari said he would uphold the tenets of democracy by not encroaching into the activities of the lawmakers. Many applauded the declaration as they had no premonition of whose horse would be gored. Nigerians were glad their legislation would be liberated from the control of the executive, atleast for the first time in many years. But humans only appreciate virtues but are not virtuous. Therefore, they want Buhari to bend the rule to suit their whims. They are those Shakespeare refers to as "the lawless that make wills their laws"

Buhari has started as promised- showing no interest in the leadership of the legislature. Unfortunately, he has been making more enemies than friends for failing to meddle into the affairs of the lawmakers. They say the President should play politics to hurt democracy; they believe the destiny of the nation must lie in the hand of a man - the king maker. Having made the President and the vice- president, Tinubu is also expected to install the leaders of the lawmakers in order to become the father of the nation and have in Nigeria, a business empire .  This will make him assume the position of Louis XI of France with the infamous maxim: d'etat cest moi - "I am the state".  This must be forestalled.

In fact, so many people are culpable of the erroneous impression: that Buhari is not doing enough to help his party. I have read articles, columns and editorials, calling on Buhari to carry out the wish of his party by imposing leaders on the lawmakers. This is spurious , it is not the wish of the party but of selected gluttonic individuals who want to make Nigeria a business venture. Even if it were for the benefit of the party, we all should know that the interest of the party may not necessary be the interest of the state. Let Buhari take no side, atleast to give democracy a chance to play its part in our polity.

Like I said few weeks ago, I am not an exponent of treachery. But I am not ill-disposed to the action of those deviants who are making things hard for APC to settle for consensus candidates in both legislative chambers. Having laboured to liberate the nation from the thralldom of PDP reign of impunity, we cannot afford to pitch tent with another set of cabals. This is what the silence of Buhari stands for, and it must be appreciated.

Also, there have been arguments that the immediate past president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan had good intentions for the nation. The intentions failed to manifest and materialized for he was easily manipulated by his party and entourage. He put the party first to the detriment of the nation and he spent six years with little or no blueprints. Should Buhari thread the same path and suffer equal fate? No!   Buhari must leave the legislators to paddle their canoe.

Finally, we must all realize that our democracy is fast rising from its comatose under the stewardship of Buhari. He pledged to operate on an effective democratic and so he is. We should therefore appreciate him for not dancing capers to the flute of his party. Any attitude less will account for ingratitude. Therefore, I conclude by saying silence is gold, for Buhari and the nation.

This article was written by Ibrahim Oseni a student of the University of Ibadan.


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