Wisdom who is representing St. Kizito Seminary, Idah, Kogi State at the competition reportedly stood his ground that the answer the West Africa Examination Council provided for a mathematics question is wrong.

The 13-yr-old student had chosen the option D from the five options provided for the questions while WAEC's chose option as the correct answer.


Due to his insistence, the quiz competition was paused and six subject experts among the teachers were called to solve the question again.

Here's the question

A box contains 5 white, 4 green and 3 identical balls. If two balls are picked one after the other from the box without replacement, what is the probability that one is white and the other is green.

According to reports, the following are the answer options WAEC provided: A 5/33; B 5/18, C 10/33 and D 5/36.

One of the teachers at the competition, Mr. Abdulahmeed Baba Ahmed, a Mathematics teacher from Demonstration Secondary School, Akwanga, Nasarawa State volunteered to solve the question and he arrived at the same answer with WAEC.

After solving the question, Ahmed said the question was not direct; adding that Wisdom’s courage to challenge WAEC option should be welcome.

After Ahmed cleared the confusion, Wisdom eventually agreed with  WAEC  saying the question was rather technical, which was why he missed it.