So you think youve put your resume together and youre ready to go job hunting?  Think again. Getting a dream job is not all about having a resume.

To help you through this, here are some tips you'll need to land the job.

1. Get your resume ready

Being an introvert does not mean you can't have a successful career like others.
Being an introvert does not mean you can't have a successful career like others.

Everyone knows the importance of having a resume while searching for jobs. If you already have one, make sure you update it and make it look professional.

Make sure the resume provides the necessary information about your experience, academic history and skills. Read this to see what you should have in your resume

2. Maximise your online search

These days, it's pretty easier to find jobs online than anywhere else. Job sites like Jobberman is one of the popular platforms for job seekers. Register on these websites and get updates about job vacancies and recruitment.

3. Register with recruitment agencies

Apart from using platforms like Jobberman for updates about vacancies, you can also register with recruitment agencies. Some of the agencies have a registration process that entails interviews and resume review and can also recommend you for organizations.

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4. Connect with your network

Another way you can quickly get a job is to connect with your contacts. Some of the people you've met at social and industry events could be your potential employers.

5. Prepare and practice

The process of applying and interviewing for jobs requires a lot of preparation and practice. Once you submit your resume and you're called for an interview, it's important you make some findings about the organization and the role you are applying for.