Are you interested in a new career? There is nothing wrong with changing your career if you have a genuine reason for it.

People change their career for different reasons. Job insecurity and dissatisfaction may prompt some people to change their career. Others may decide to switch to a different career after developing a new interest in another field.

Whatever your reason is, it is important you assess and understand your present situation before you decide. Here are five things you'll need to do before switching your career.

1. Understand WHY you want to switch

Many jobs according to projections will soon disappear.
Many jobs according to projections will soon disappear.

Before you decide to work in a different field, something certainly must have triggered your decision, and it's very important you understand why you're making that move.

Are you leaving your current job because you want to make a difference in your life or you're just looking for a quick-fix solution to a financial problem? You need to establish what your reason(s) are before you make the decision.

2. Talk to experts in the field you want to join

Talking to people in the field you aspire to join should be parts of your preparations for your career switch. It will help you to understand what it takes to have a career fulfilment in the field you're breaking into.

3. Get a coach/mentor

To set yourself up for success in a field you're not familiar with, you'll need to have a trusted mentor or a coach in that field who'll take time to guide and give you tips and thorough advice about the field.

4. Learn new skills the new career requires

Your skill is what makes you relevant in any career you choose and that is why it is the first thing you should consider before switching to a different career.

You need to know the minimum skill sets the new career requires of you. You also need to know if your current skills are transferable to the new career. If they are, fine. If they are not, you've got to learn.