The Social Science Faculty of the University of Lagos is keeping UNILAG undergraduates up to date on business practices and success tips, as the faculty invited successful industry experts to share their experience with the students at its 2018 Excilio Conference.

On Thursday, August 9 2018, UNILAG students gained some insights into what post-graduate life and the struggle to get employment look like as experts from the media, technology, banking and real estate industry lectured them on what it takes to achieve success after graduation.

In his opening address, the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Iyiola Oni said the Excilio Conference is designed to have experts in public and private sectors to boost the students' ambition with success tips in order to keep producing graduates that will be useful and proficient in terms of professionalism.

He said, ''we have been trying as much as possible to give you the knowledge within the four walls of the university, but we now believe that because of the need for development in our society in the 21 century, it is high time we have the public sector, the private sector, the tech-based organizations as well as NGOs coming together to tinker about the way forward in terms of developing skills entrepreneurial progress for our students so that we can have a useful and smear student body, graduates as well as proficiency in terms of professionalism.''

Addressing the students on how to achieve success, the Keynote Speaker, Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, the founder of the Mountain of Fire Ministry, urged the students to fight ignorance in all its forms saying ignorance is their greatest enemy.

Olukoya who is also a graduate of the University of Lagos said ''the greatest enemy of man is ignorance. Every man’s mountain is his mountain of ignorance. Ignorance is very wicked and bad. One terrible thing is for you to be ignorant an not agree that you are ignorant or may you don’t even know you are ignorant. Every form of fear is a product of ignorance. So what you are doing here today is to dispel ignorance. So if there is anything I want to leave with you it is you must fight ignorance.

The General Manager, Ringier Africa, Leonard Stiegeler, Media Entrepreneur, Agatha Amatha, CEO Amen Estate, Babatunde Gbadamosi, CEO, Mark Essien and the Managing Director of Sterling Bank, Abubakar Sulaimon who was represented by Moronfolu Fashinro also shared some tips on how to achieve success in business and technology with the students.

During an interactive session with the students on business, Leonard Stiegeler encouraged the students to find out who they are and chase their passion.

He said, ''finding out who you are and who you want to be is very important. Don't just go with the flow. Buf finding out who you are is key because once I was able to conquer that everything else flowed.''

Similarly, MTV Video Jockey, Ehizojie Okoeguale popularly known as Ehiz also advised the students on following their passion as it helps them build their paths to success effortlessly.

''Keep yourself busy with your passion, when you do that you will build yourself, you won't even know you are building yourself.''

The Excilio Conference was really an eye-opening event not just for social science students but all UNILAG students present at the University Multipurpose Hall to learn from industry experts on how to achieve success in the 21st century, which is the theme of the event.