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Episode 37 DEVIL'S PAWN: It gets darker, bloodier as revenge meets revenge

It gets even darker. Death smells. While Cynthia is bibing Simon with sex, Hir is writing the story that will bring down his powerful arch enemy. But Sylvan's ruthless agent is on the way to Hir's place. Judd and Joshua are getting wiser. Find out what happens next! (Devil's Pawn' is a novel by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson.)

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It gets darker, bloodier as revenge meets revenge play

It gets darker, bloodier as revenge meets revenge

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Devil's Pawn by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson play

Devil's Pawn by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson


continued from last week...

The girl drew him close and wrapped her legs around him. Her long arms rested lightly on his shoulders.

He cut you because you did not cut him. You have to do it, or you’ll go just as they did.

Why don’t you do it yourself? He was begging.

I would if I could.

What do you mean?

I was raped and I died. I am no more a virgin and no more living.


I’ve lost some of my powers.

Simon grunted. She can’t kill me.     

I can read your thoughts. Yes, I can kill you, or anyone. I have to use a living being since I don’t have a body anymore.

Her hands stroked his hairy chest.

And you chose me? Why?

Because… because you were part of it. I could feel that you were different.

If you know I am different, why don’t you just let me go?

I can’t. You were a part of it. You have to be punished too.

So why don’t you just let it all go. You’ve gotten enough revenge already.

You don’t understand. If they are not all punished, I’ll not get my full powers back. I need    it… I need you to do it for me.


I don’t want to have to use someone to kill you. You don’t want that. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. They felt like hot spears.

Simon screamed.

Okay, I get it.

Her breasts pressed against his chest. They were firm and warm. He could almost feel her heart beating. She moved her bosom rhythmically, drawing two imaginary circles with the nipples.

Simon felt a small sensation begin from where her nipples touched his. It became a wave as it flushed through his body like a ripple in a pond. An erection began.  He tried to talk, but words failed him.

You don’t need to be afraid. I am just taking care of you.

“Please. Let me be.” It came out like a slur. He felt weak. Her nipples were taut against his chest, teasing him, making him want to touch them.

You need to relax. Tonight, you will get your chance and all this will be over.

Her hands moved over his penis. His erection was firm and throbbing.

Judd sat at the computer, fiddling with the mouse. He hated the waiting game. That was all he could do now, wait. He was reading Hir’s story on the paper’s website now, and it was turning out just as he had imagined.

Hir had followed his instructions to the details. There were already over four thousand comments, a thousand and five tweets and three hundred and fifty Facebook  shares for the story. He chuckled. It was just the way he had wanted it.

Wait until I drop the bomb, people.

He had spoken with the Captain earlier and learnt that hearing on the case was due to begin the next morning. It was going to be a quick one, and Judd could not have hoped for better because it meant he only had to keep the witness breathing for the next twenty-odd hours.

According to Captain Hassan’s plan, the Sylvan connection would be kept hidden until the Emeka’s murder trial began. Then the revelation would be made with supporting evidence. By then, it would be impossible for Sylvan to make any move at killing the case.  Emeka would then plea-bargain and set the ball rolling.

That way, there wouldn’t be a need for anyone to personally initiate a case against the governor. By the time Sylvan’s involvement is revealed in court, the case would feed itself.

The publicity alone would be enough to prosecute the matter as desired.

That was the original reason why Judd had drawn Hir into the case. Hir could be relied upon to give the much needed attention. Publicity was a weapon, and Hir was the perfect publicity weapon. He wrote for the most widely read paper in the country and had a teeming throng of supporters because of his unique style.

Judd finished reading the story and set the system to hibernate.

Emeka was still asleep in the other room. The drugs had knocked him out. Twice, he? Judd had gone to check if Emeka was still breathing, and he sure was. To have him dead from an overdose would be the nightmare of a lifetime. The case would be half-dead without Emeka.  

His phone rang. The number on the screen was unknown. He frowned, torn between ignoring the call and picking it. Nobody but the Captain and Joshua had the number. He picked the call, but said nothing

“Hello.” It was Joshua’s voice.

“Joshua? Why are you calling on this line? What happened to your regular line?”

“It’s a long story, my brother. They called me that they had spotted the ghost man near the dam. So I took some boys out to get him and we caught him digging a grave. He had gotten the body out. It’s the Cynthia girl. But it ended the same way as the other time. He escaped.” Joshua spoke fast.

“You don’t mean it,” Judd exclaimed.

“Well, I do mean it. He disappeared and then struck me with a rock in the head. I still have a bandage on my head.”

“Wow! He disappeared as in…”


“So you have a turban on your head now. I hope it wasn’t painful?” Judd chuckled.

“Nah, it wasn’t painful at all. At least, I did not pass out. I was just … briefly paralyzed.”

“I trust your stone cold head.”

“That is just by the way. Something else happened that baffles me.”

“Tell me.”

“He had the chance to kill me. The other guys had gone away to look for him. I was on the ground, dazed and bleeding from the blow. Instead of dealing me a blow or shooting me, he apologized for hitting me and even tried to stop the bleeding before running away. And before then, he told me he wasn’t involved in any way.”

“And you’re sure you did not imagine all this? You must have been fuzzy from the blow.”

“Come on. Get serious. He tore his shirt and wrapped it around my head.”

“Now, that is serious.”

“I don’t know what he wanted with the body though. I wanted to ask him, but I couldn’t talk. There was a necklace in her hand. It wasn’t soiled, so I want to assume he put it there. Why do you think he said he wasn’t involved?”

“I think your ghost man did not lie to you. Emeka spoke at length too. According to him, the dead girl was the genesis of the matter. Apparently, they had abducted her and raped her against your man’s wish. They killed her and buried her there. I really can’t say why he went back there, but Emeka also told me that that the dead girl was the one using him as a weapon. And the only target that remains is Emeka himself.”

“So he killed those guys under her control. That’s a strange one.”

“You saw what he did to them. Only a demon could do that.”

“What bothers me is that we cannot pin anything on him even if we arrest him.”

“You have a point. Best thing is to leave him alone for now. He’ll make a mistake and then you’ll get him. I will watch out for him too.”

“I’ve sent a picture of him to your e-mail. You would do well to watch out for him, if it’s true about Emeka being his target.”

Judd laughed. “He had better watch out for me too. I don’t let nobody come near my trophies.”

Benson walked briskly down the hallway. His shoes made a clicking sound on the hard floor as he walked. The walls were gleaming white. So was the floor too. He had nothing to work with yet. With His Excellency getting out of style, he had to do something fast.

He had a plan. His mole at the Division had gleaned off Judd’s private number from Captain Hassan’s phone. That in itself was a huge boost. He had some boys working on the number, but they could not trace it. Judd was thorough.

You’ll come running out of your hole when the smoke gets to you, Judd.

Before Judd, other cards had to be played. Hir would be the first. He was an easy target. There would be no problem smoking him out.

The man walking beside him carried a long black case. Hir would know something about Judd’s location, so he needed him to start talking. That was why the man beside him had the black case. Only one man had passed through the case without talking.

If that failed, and he doubted that it would, then he would take the plunge. Judd’s wife was a sitting duck.

They stepped out of the revolving doors at the end of the hallway into a black jeep. The man dropped the case in the back and took the wheels. Judd sat in the front passenger seat. He gave instructions to the driver and they got going.

Hir, I’m coming to get you. He laughed.

Another car followed the jeep. It was also black and tinted.


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