Apart from the bants and counter-bants that exemplify Twitter Nigeria, there is also a justifiable degree of reward system on the microblog.

This sense of reward was recently exhibited as Nigerians on Twitter proudly honoured Ali Cynthia Chinecherem, a 17-year-old student of Shalom Academy, Nsukka in Enugu State who had the best result in the just concluded West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations.

Ali in her WAEC exams got nine A1s and became an instant celebrity on Twitter,  as many Twitter users celebrated the academic achievement of the young girl.

The good moment all started for Ali when a user shared her results on twitter and asked Nigerians to urge Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu to send her to a very good University.

In no time, the tweet became a campaign to support the young girl's academic dream as Nigerians proudly offered her textbooks, cash, scholarship and mentorship.

According to Konbini, 31 Twitter users pledged N525,500; and 23 already made good on their pledges, remitting N425,500 in less than one week.

When asked about her reading habit the young genius said, ‘’I have no specific study hour because most times I study until I get tired and often fall asleep.”

She added that her parents contributed to her academic success.

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“My Dad and Mum contributed greatly to my academic success, because they encourages and grooms me. My father is a Civil Servant who paid my school fees and try everything possible to see that I will make it in this life academically.’’

Nigerians on Twitter have again shown that they are not on the social media platform to bant but to also support and reward hardworking Nigerians.