The 2017 Batch B Stream One corps members completed their one-year compulsory NYSC program on Thursday, October 18, 2018.

The program is over, allawee alert will stop coming and the next big thing on the mind of virtually all ex-corps members now is job.

As a young Nigerian who just hanged the orange boots, the NYSC memory is still fresh and you should be able to relate with this pictures.

1. The last photo in NYSC khaki

2. You can't wait to get back home and get job

3. Something is telling you to stay back and start your life

4. One month after without allawee and you are like

5. And when you remember your NYSC allawee savings

6. You end up thinking it's not enough to start any business

7. Somehow you get a job briefing alert when you've not even applied.

8. You went for it and it was a hearbreak. The interviewers ask you to come and start selling their drug products.

9.  Even your Uncle that promised you a job after NYSC is not saying anything again.