Being the kind of employee an organization finds difficult to replace is one of the best ways to achieve job security.

Every organization wants that special employee, who is very reliable and can go the extra mile to achieve the organization's goals.

You can actually be that irreplaceable colleague everyone wants to see around. But to achieve that, you have to be more than just great at your job.

The following tips can help you become the special one at your workplace.

1. Be a problem solver

Every organization has people who are good at always pointing out a problem, but you'll stand out if you make yourself the one who provides solutions to the problems others identify.

If you brand yourself as a problem solver, your colleagues will identify you as that person they can't do without and every one of them will always want you in their team.

2. Show initiative

Your ability to initiate things independently while handling an assignment or covering for a colleague who is absent for the good of the organization can make you a very reliable employee your boss can always count on.

3. Exceed expectation

Make yourself useful by solving problem
Make yourself useful by solving problem

Going above and beyond to crush to crush your assignments is a great way to stand out.

4. Be really good at doing things

Being good at doing things others can't do by default makes you a desirable employee. There are two ways to this. It's either you're very good at doing so many things or you are extremely good at one thing others aren't interested in doing. Whichever ever one will make you very useful among your colleagues.

5. Have a good attitude

It's simple to have a good attitude at the workplace. Be nice to all. Don't be difficult to work with. Regardless of how good you are at what you do, if your attitude is bad, no one would like to work with you.