Taking your career to the next level is certainly going to be many professionals resolution for the new year.

It's very cool to have a plan like this to advance your career. However, while you have this plan, you also need to look at those mistakes you should never do again.

Everyone makes mistakes, but making the same professional mistakes repeatedly can decrease your happiness on the job.

So, to avoid starting the new year with past mistakes, take note of these five professional mistakes and make efforts to avoid them.

1. Failing to skill up

If you hate your job, quit.
If you hate your job, quit.

Failing to brush up your skill throughout the year is a huge mistake you should never make again. It is a great disservice any employee can do to him/herself. For you to grow in your career and attract new employers, it is important you skill up, learn new things, take an online class and attend seminars. Don't ever let your skills become outdated.

2. Missing deadline

Does your job have deadlines? Did you fail to complete some tasks at the time they should be completed? If that happens regularly, make sure it doesn't happen again. Missing deadlines is a major organizational problem and to have a good reputation in your career, don't make yourself the employee who always comes up with excuses for missing deadlines.

3. Failing to maintain a work-life balance

Don't keep yourself in a job that bores you everyday.
Don't keep yourself in a job that bores you everyday.

If you're not enjoying your job as much as you should, it's probably because you failed to have a proper work-life balance. See, your life, your sanity are as important as your career. You can only keep your job and advance in your career when you have a sound health.  So, avoid getting overburden with too many tasks. Take a rest when you should but don't forget to get the work done still.

4. Self-doubt

You are the most important element of your career, if you don't believe in yourself, nobody will. Self-doubt can be dangerous for your career, you need to get rid of it. Try to build confidence and project it in whatever you do.

5. Giving up on networking

You can't afford to give up on networking because your job keeps you busy every time and you seem to have time for yourself. Refusing to connect with people in your industry is like shutting the door of opportunities on yourself. The new year is here, make as many friends as you can possibly make in 2019, connect with many professionals and boost your career.