Having an impressive curriculum vitae and a well-written cover letter is not enough to get a job. There are other things the hiring managers look out for while having a job conversation with an applicant in an interview.

Your performance during the job conversation with the hiring manager is very important because it serves as the basis for judging your CV and cover letter.

And aside the educational qualifications and work experience that you prominently highlight in your resume, hiring managers would also like to see other qualities that show your corporate resourcefulness.

Here are three things employers look out for during interviews.

1. Can you do the job?

The work experience many applicants have in their CV may seem enough to consider them for the job but hiring managers don’t work that way. They prefer to put applicants through job interviews to authenticate their credentials.

One reason for this is to allow the hiring manager to know if the applicants have the skills, competencies and capabilities to do the job they apply for.

2. Will you do the job?

Some people are suited to do certain jobs not only because they have the skills and competencies to do such jobs but also because they have motivation and passion to do it.

No serious hiring manager would employ an applicant who just want to do anything that will bring food to his/her table. Hiring managers want to see your motivation and passion for the job you apply for while they are questioning you.

3. Can you fit in?

Lastly, if you have the skill and motivation for a job, hiring managers still want to know if your personality fits the job or if you have the right character for the job. This is where your soft skills come to play. Employers would like to know if you're dependable and flexible. They will also like to know if you can easily get along with team members or lead a team effectively.