Job applicants lose out on a good job opportunity for many reasons despite having the skills that match the requirements of the job they apply for.

If you have always applied for jobs and not getting any response from the hiring managers, it could be because of one or a combination of these three mistakes.

1. Incomplete application

Many applicants CV and cover letter have ended in the employers' trash bin because their application is incomplete. It is important for you to know that hiring managers have so many CVs to go through, and they don't have the time to spend on an incomplete cover letter.

So, before you submit your application, do your bit and provide all relevant details, don't leave them guessing.

2. Not following instructions

Job applications usually come with instructions. If the hiring manager specifies an instruction, it is best to follow it. This mistake is common and it is the easiest way to prompt hiring managers to trash an application.

3. Not following up

Unemployment rate is high in Nigeria.
Unemployment rate is high in Nigeria.

After going for the job interview, you also need to follow up. For instance, if you do not hear from the hiring managers within seven to 10 days, it is important to call or send an email.

However, do not overdo this. Don't call the recruiter every other day saying you just want to check on them, that could make you lose the job even if you're already being considered for the job.