In a world where everything is going digital, it is not surprising that digital marketing is becoming a hot career and people with relevant digital skills are becoming more employable in the labour market.

If you're looking forward to having a career in this field, you need not get confused about which area of this ever-evolving and exciting field to establish your career.

There are many many sub-fields in Digital Marketing, and all of them have a very good career prospect for you.

All you need now is to find a way to learn these skills and stand a chance to launch your career in this field.

Online learning platforms like Alison offer free, online digital marketing courses, including a diploma in social media marketing.

Also, having your internship in a Digital Marketing company can also help you deepen your interest and build your career in the field.

However, as earlier stated above, Digital Marketing scope is very wide, but here are some of the skills you can learn to become a marketing guru.

1. Graphic design

2. Content Marketing

3. Email Marketing

4. Video Marketing

5. Social Media Management

6. Search Engine Optimization

7. Inbound Marketing

8. Analytics

9. Digital Ads

10. Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click (SEM & PPC)