Members of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Di­ocese of Lagos are currently divided over the reinstatement of the former pastor, Abayomi Okesanya who was initially suspended for alleged adultery.

The church which is located at No 18 Ereko Street, Idumota, Lagos, has Rev. Moses Adebayo Si­yanbola as presbyter and minister in-charge of the circuit.

According to City People, Rev. Okesanya’s wife, Yemisi had publicly accused him of impregnating another woman, and he is reportedly living with another woman who is not his legally married wife.

It was gathered from reports that Okesanya and his wife had been married for years without producing any children from the union, this led to the pastor having an affair with another woman whom he now keeps as his mistress after she had children for him.

The Presbyter is said to have had 2 other kids from a previous relationship before he got married and by the time his legal wife got to know in 2008, she left him and it erupted into huge scandal in the church which led to his suspension.

There are claims that Rev. Okesanya is making moves to divorce his estranged wife but the matter is currently being investigated by the Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Samuel Emeka Kanu Uche and the committee-in-charge is to submit its report in November 2014.