The Abuja Catholic diocese is set to launch her TV station which will be called Catholic Television.

The Abuja Catholic diocese on Friday, December 12 realised about N15m at a dinner organised for the formal take off of her new Television Channel which will be called Catholic Television. The church requires about N300 million to set a standard television studio.

The Archbishop of the Abuja Metropolitan See, Cardinal John Oniayekun, said the new television station is intended to be used as a tool of evangelisation to deepen the faith of the Catholic faithful within and outside the country.

In his keynote address at the CTV dinner organised by the church, the Cardinal said the new TV station is expected to provide all the Catholics the opportunity to evangelise in the future, using the electronic media to reach families in their homes.

Cardinal Onaiyekan, said the inspiration of the TV station came from comments by various Popes, who have constantly talked about need of the church to use the means of communication for evangelization today.

“, himself used the media effectively to propagate the faith. It is for this reason that after having encouraged the stability of our Archdiocesan newspaper, I now wish to support the growth of our new Archdiocesan media project. Whatever we do is part and parcel of what we preach in the church, spreading the good news of peace, love and charity. CTV is part of the broad based agenda of the gospel, which is part of the revolution,” Cardinal John Ojaiyekan stated at the dinner.