5 Small and easy good deeds for big rewards

In order to carry out small and easy good deeds yet still achieve a great reward,  here are some five things you can do.


Islam is a practical way of life, and we are surrounded by numerous opportunities to do good. It is just a matter of recognising them. In order to carry out small and easy good deeds yet still achieve a great reward,  here are some five things you can do.

1.   Smile!

Most of you reading this article may be familiar with the hadith “Smiling is sadaqah”; and even though we have heard it so many times in the past, and from so many different people, we sometimes still fail to understand just how significant the small action of a smile really is.

Islam teaches us to be compassionate and considerate towards our brothers and sisters throughout the world, so next time you’re walking in the street and pass by someone, don’t be afraid to just crack a smile, because as the famous philosopher Plato once said: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

2.   Salaam

It is very important to say salaam to another Muslim, whether you know them or not. As we can earn as many rewards as possible from this little act.

3.   Reciting the Qur’aan

Something that truly reflects the compassionate nature of Allah is that for every letter of the holy Qur’aan that we recite, we get 10 rewards! SubhanAllah, another simple yet weighty good deed that we can earn many rewards for, though sincerity is still key.

4.   “Cleanliness is half of faith”

Prophet Muhammad emphasised even physical cleanliness to be a deed which, if done properly, counts as half of our faith. The purity mentioned in this hadith is also said to be inner cleanliness, but at the same time, practical everyday things like keeping your clothes clean, laying down a dirt-free prayer mat and washing your hands before eating are all acts that fall into the ‘cleanliness’ in this hadith. Not only are they essential to keeping your body healthy and your surroundings hygienic, but these actions are also sunnah!

5.   Just one sunnah, but the reward of 100 martyrs!

One thing that blew me away when I was doing research for this topic is a hadith of the Prophet:

“Whoever sticks to my Sunnah when my ummah becomes corrupt, will receive the reward of 100 martyrs.”

There is reward in gazing upon the night sky, sitting to eat, yawning and even sleeping! All we need to do is rectify our intentions. Anything we do with the intention of it being a sunnah act, we are rewarded for it by Allah.

Alhamdulillah, there are an enormous amount of opportunities that are handed to us on so many occasions each day, let us then make the most of the blessings that Allah has granted us, and begin to revive a sunnah, inshaAllah!


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