Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar Christian Center has come under fire for his statements on mental health and illness.

Using his Twitter account, the senior pastor recently said 18 things about this condition.

As expected, the twittersphere had a lot to say about these statements, especially "the root cause of mental illness is Sin" tweet.

There are times when you should put your foot down, be honest for once and reject bigotry and prejudice. @sam_adeyemi's tweet is a disgrace.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi reminds me of the Pastor that said that God sent the flood in America to Gay people.His house was flooded after :)

@sam_adeyemi Let us be careful and sensitive to the diverse audiences that read our messages daily. #wisdom

Celebrities have also reacted to this tweet.

In spite of these reactions, there are some, who support the pastor's statements, while others have tried to explain them.

What do you think?