Men of the Enugu State Housing Corporation (ESHC), led by their boss, Vitalis Emeka Onah, laid their tough hands on clergy men who tried to stop them from carrying out their duty.

The men were instructed by the state government to re-possess the land belonging to the Enugu Anglican Church Communion.

According to eye witness reports, Rev. Mbaka Peter, Rev. Collins Odoabuchi, Rev. Eugene, and Rev. Maxwell Onyia were not spared by the angry staff of the housing corporation.

The situation would have gotten out of hand, if not for the timely intervention of the Enugu state Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Abubakar Adamu.

Speaking also on the peace efforts initiated by the Enugu state police chief, the priest in charge of the church, Venerable N. Aghadi said, “We have talked at length and discussed very progressively. The commissioner of police is requesting that we should please go home and rest. He has promised that the matter is in good hands and that immediately the archbishop returns, he will have a meeting with him.”

The land which was purchased by the Enugu Anglican Church Communion, was dedicated by His Grace, the Most Reverend C. J. Patterson, the then Archbishop of West Africa and Bishop of the Niger, in 1965.

While speaking to newsmen, the Commissioner of Police, said “We have discussed with the church. If anybody is injured we will not take it lightly. We have already asked that a formal report be made and we will follow it up. We have agreed on a peace move and we are following it up.”