A Nigerian pastor has criticised Rev Funke Adejumo for demanding a seed of $1, 000.

In an Instagram clip, the Foundation of Truth Assembly (FOTA) Senior Pastor Yomi Kasali condemns the female preacher and her kind for robbing their congregation.

His caption reads, "In today's world, we have Christians who have had their conscience seared to the point that the line between good and evil has been blurred. A Christian without a conscience is not a Christian and such person is not under the authority of the Holy Spirit. #conscience #christian#killingofconscience"

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Freeze appreciates pastor for speaking out

Pastor Kasali's message has been commended by popular religious activist and OAP, Daddy Freeze.

Using his Instagram account, he thanked the cleric for speaking out against Rev Adejumo who has been spotted on several occasions asking for huge amounts of money.

He wrote, "Rev. Yomi Kasali was the ONLY pastor who reached out to me in the heat of the crises borne out of the tithe debate. We had lunch and discussed, he was very warm and civil, despite disagreeing with me on some doctrinal issues. He is indeed a gentleman.

"I appreciate him today, for speaking where other GOs have remained silent, colluding and abetting with their silence. I pray that the judgment of God comes upon her and upon every one who supported her by standing with her, and upon those who encouraged her by remaining silent, very soon~FRZ"

Pastor Kasali is the first Nigerian preacher to criticise Rev Adejumo. Despite the negative feedback online, some clerics including Apostle .